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Announcing The Devil’s Quintet:

A Never Before Seen Superhero Series From Stan Lee and Jay Bonansinga!

Left: Stan Lee, photo by Michelle McCallum; Right: Jay Bonansinga, photo by Jill Norton

Doherty Associates is proud to announce that it has acquired the North American publishing rights in the English language to Stan Lee’s The Devil’s Quintet, a new superhero series from the legendary mind of Stan Lee, co-written by New York Times bestselling author Jay Bonansinga. The four-book series will be edited by Greg Cox.

A five-person special ops unit, composed of a diverse assortment of former Navy SEALS from all walks of life, are responding to a terrorist threat deep in the Caucasus Mountains when their mission goes south in a big way. Facing certain death and torture, they’re unexpectedly offered a Faustian bargain by the Devil himself, who grants them unearthly powers in order to send evildoers to Hell on his fiendish behalf. But “The Devil’s Quintet” do things their own way, fighting to protect America and the world, while trying their best not to let their hellish new abilities corrupt them beyond redemption.

Jay Bonansinga, co-author of the New York Times best-selling Walking Dead novels, raves:

“To be able to bring to life one of Stan Lee’s original concepts is the sweetest stroke of luck a writer could have. Stan Lee was, and continues to be after his passing, a legend in my field, as well as in my personal literary life and imagination. The story is a riveting, timely, resonant dark fable of Faustian proportions. Stan Lee’s The Devil’s Quintet: The Armageddon Code will not only surprise and delight Stan’s myriad fans, it will also scare the wits out of readers around the world.”

Editor Greg Cox added his excitement, saying:

“As somebody who grew up on Marvel Comics and the classic work of Stan Lee, I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to work on this series. Lee’s trademark was larger-than-life heroes with very human problems and dilemmas. The Devil’s Quintet’s is pure Stan Lee: where astounding powers come with literally hellish costs.”

POW! Entertainment President Gill Champion added:

“POW! is thrilled to be part of the Tor family. Stan personally approved Jay early in the process, and he was confident that Jay was the ideal choice to help bring this new franchise to his legion of fans and admirers.”

The first novel in the series, The Armageddon Code, is set to publish in the US and Canada in September 2021.

Stan Lee was a successful writer and editor for nearly eighty years. Lee was known to the world as the man whose superheroes propelled Marvel to its preeminent position in the entertainment industry. His co-creations included Spider-Man, The Avengers, Black Panther, X-Men, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, The Fantastic Four, and hundreds of others. Lee continued to serve as Marvel Entertainment’s Chairman Emeritus until his death in 2018. Lee was also the Chairman & Chief Creative Officer of Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment®, which he founded with production partner Gill Champion. For nearly two decades, POW! Entertainment has been bringing Lee’s original characters and stories to television, feature films and publishing for audiences in the United States, United Kingdom, India, Japan, and China.

Jay Bonansinga is the New York Times bestselling coauthor of several Walking Dead novels, based on the hit TV series, as well as many acclaimed original novels.


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