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In the heart of old Louisville...


Our office is in the heart of Old Louisville, in Louisville, Kentucky. Old Louisville is the second largest neighborhood of authentic Victorian houses in the United States – and we love anything historical.


The Victorian house we work in is an Arts and Crafts style that dates from 1895 - but it is not haunted. Did we mention that Old Louisville is also the most haunted neighborhood in the United States? We also love anything spooky -  but our office is not haunted – at least not by ghosts.


Instead, these halls are frequented by new ideas about books and the excitement of bringing books and readers together.

The “Burns” part of Burns and Lea is Natalia Aponte-Burns who has worked in the publishing business since the early 80’s. Starting with a job at the now defunct B. Dalton Bookstore in Manhattan’s Wall Street neighborhood, moving on to working as a book buyer for two New York​ City ​book distributors, and then into publishing, Natalia went on to own her own literary agency and now has the thrill of choosing what to publish herself!


 The "Lea" part of Burns and Lea is Victoria Lea who has been a literary agent for 8 years starting as a lowly servant to her partner Natalia. Victoria is always looking for the next BIG read, especially if its Science Fiction or Fantasy (Crossover, Epic, Literary, Mash-up). 

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