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Dr. John Watson has long wanted to join Sherlock Holmes in the Logres Society, an ancient group devoted to Arthurian ideals of service and protection of the common people. Founded in the Middle Ages by Geoffrey of Monmouth, with the help of the Knights Templar, The Logres Society’s mission is to help those most likely to be harmed by power exchanges between estates and nations. To Dr. John Watson, membership in the Society represents the highest ideals of British manhood. And, perhaps, a chance to reconcile with Mary.


As the date of Watson’s investiture into the Society, January 6, the Epiphany, approaches, a series of murders within the Highland Travellers clans strikes. Several clan leaders across the Highlands have been murdered at the same time, and certain valuable artifacts were stolen from them. As Holmes and Watson seek to assist them, the entire Logres Society is plunged into danger.  They find themselves under attack by the most dangerous of forces: the forces of magic and the occult.


Holmes and Watson have faced grave danger before, but for Watson, this case is darker than any other. For this time, he suspects treachery from those who have been his closest allies: his fellow members of Department Zed, his beloved wife Mary, and even the great detective himself.


What horror will loom out of the fog-shrouded night to face Watson in a dark battle for the soul of England… and whose face will it wear? 

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Valentine’s Day could be the most dangerous time of the year if an angry Cupid is the hit man hunting you down.

Bram Farrell, paranormal PI, has been yanked from the pages of the novel. His author and creator brought him into real-world Detroit to do a job for her, but the job went south, and the real-world Detroit is as loaded with monsters and magical beings as the pages of her books were. And they are all out to get Bram and exact some otherworldly revenge on him. 


Most guys wouldn’t mind that it’s raining females, some expected, some surprises, one he could do without. And then there is his new secretary, Naomi, who he’s falling in love with. Keeping her alive—and himself—is going to be tricky.


Outrunning an alchemist, a vampire, and a witch is going to take more than cutting wit.

Luckily, this paranormal Sam Spade has some resources besides his dry sense of humor. His dachshund Hellhound is with him and his magic is coming back. Which should be helpful considering someone has put a hit out on him.


There’s a lot on Bram’s plate this February. The question is, will he live through it this time?


Entertaining, funny and suspenseful, Marked Raven is the perfect place to pick up the Raven Tales urban fantasy series.

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After an ugly divorce, Annie Peacock needs a fresh start. She’s delighted to be hired by Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming as its first female judge. Annie has a mission when she comes to Yellowstone: to recover from her painful divorce and to fulfill a long-held desire: to work as a judge in Yellowstone, to have the chance to protect the wild country from poachers, trophy hunters, and rampant corporate greed.But Annie’s classic beauty and cool façade, together with her play-it-by-the-rules approach to Yellowstone justice, immediately turn the park’s renegade backcountry ranger, Will McCarroll, off. As a front-line defender of Yellowstone’s wildlife and wilderness, Will is obsessed with protecting them—at any cost. He has a way of taking justice into his own hands that leaves Annie cold. It’s inevitable Annie and Will butt heads, but they share a passion for protecting the wildlife of the park, especially the wolves. Now, the alpha male of the Druid pack has been shot and killed by a trophy hunter. Annie and Will, furious, are determined to find out who killed him and see that the poacher is prosecuted. Their relationship is rocky: working with Will is not easy for Annie. But they have to try to get along if they want to find the killer. The lives of the rest of the wolves are at stake. As they continue to hunt down the killer of the alpha male together, though, Annie and Will find that their feelings about each other may be changing. 

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