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Are you a Walking Dead fan? Then we have great news for you: New York Times bestselling author Jay Bonansinga, author of 8 official Walking Dead novels with Robert Kirkman the creator of the Walking Dead graphic novels and television series, has a new book. It’s called Self Storage available as an ebook for the first time this September.

In Self Storage you’ll meet Johnny Fitzgerald, a graphic illustrator who’s getting along fine in life, even with the heroin habit he’s had for 20 years now, the one that destroyed his marriage.

When Johnny and his 6-year-old son get trapped inside a self-storage warehouse, with no hope of rescue, father and son fight for their lives. They battle thirst, hunger—and fear. But the worst human craving of them all – heroin – could be what destroys them.

Click here for more information on Self Storage by Jay Bonansinga.


Natalia Burns will be at the Historical Novel Society Conference  on June 22nd-24th in Portland, Oregon!

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