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Check out Sherlock Holmes and The Case of the Undead Client: Book One of the Unpublished Case Files of John H. Watson, M.D. on Kindle special $1.99.


Pinpointing the origin of a fictional character can be a dicey proposition.  Some are based on real people who have either populated the writer's life or have made an impression on the writer from a distance.  Some are composites of different people that have lodged themselves in the writer's imagination.  Some are completely imaginary, based more on the requirements of the tale itself.  But once in a great while, a character will spring fully formed from the festering stewpot of the imagination as though he or she were incarnated through some inexplicable cellular mitosis. The latter is the case with Ulysses Grove, the epic hero of my four-book series of hybrid thrillers beginning with FROZ

Announcing The Devil’s Quintet:

A Never Before Seen Superhero Series From Stan Lee and Jay Bonansinga! Left: Stan Lee, photo by Michelle McCallum; Right: Jay Bonansinga, photo by Jill Norton Doherty Associates is proud to announce that it has acquired the North American publishing rights in the English language to Stan Lee’s The Devil’s Quintet, a new superhero series from the legendary mind of Stan Lee, co-written by New York Times bestselling author Jay Bonansinga. The four-book series will be edited by Greg Cox. A five-person special ops unit, composed of a diverse assortment of former Navy SEALS from all walks of life, are responding to a terrorist threat deep in the Caucasus Mountains when their mission goes south in

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Coming November 10, 2020! Available on Amazon and other fine retailers. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson are called to protect an Arthurian society under assault by dark, but unknown, forces. Watson takes the lead in Sherlock Holmes and the Werewolves of Edinburgh. It’s December 1888, and for Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson, the cold of winter isn’t the only thing that’s biting. Dr. John Watson has long wanted to join Sherlock Holmes in the Logres Society, an ancient group devoted to Arthurian ideals of service and protection of the common people. Founded in the Middle Ages by Geoffrey of Monmouth, with the help of the Knights Templar, The Logres Society’s mission is to help those mos

Reissue of Alpha Female Book #1 in the Judge Annie Peacock Series

We are happy to welcome April Christofferson to the B&L family. April Christofferson is an author and advocate for wildlife, wilderness and social justice. In her books and through her activism, April raises awareness on the issues around which she is working to make a difference—the American West's biggest areas of conflict, including wolves, bison, and trapping. She also writes about dangerous practices in the pharmaceutical industry, where she worked for years as an attorney. Available on Amazon.

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